we at would like to offer a challenge. we’d like to challenge each of our readers to focus on a simple task each week. every monday morning, a “savethesloth this week” challenge will be posted here. we’re encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone, and begin the process of having your eyes opened to people, needs, issues, and ideas. we’re also asking you to drop us comments as you apply these things to your life each week. we at will also be taking the challenge and leaving our own thoughts and progress each week. the goal is that we would be a generation that is fully awake to the things God has created us to be…and we hope these simple tasks and challenges will stretch each of us.

Think about how many people in your week have a job that requires them to serve you. Whether it be a waiter, a grocery sacker, or a bank teller, people are constantly serving you; most of the time you don’t even recognize it. Some easy ways to start conversations may be asking questions that require answers, asking about their day, and/or noticing something about them and offering a compliment. The challenge is to offer love, attention, and conversation to a stranger that serves you.



  1. Jamie Said:

    I’ll be doing this challenge. This is going to be a challenge for me b/c I’m usually in such a zoned out state of mind with two kids that I don’t notice anyone around me. God help me this week notice people around me!

  2. Amanda Said:

    Okay, yesterday I picked up my son from the nursery at church and was really burdened by the fact that these wonderful nursery workers serve us several times a week and I know next to nothing about their lives. I felt really corny, but I asked them if they had any prayer requests. I’m hoping that will open up a door so that they will know that I’m not only interested in how my son did, but how they are.

  3. bush Said:

    i love this challenge and it’s a challenge i hope we can all try to implement this week…not only this week but as a lifestyle. to really truly love people more than ourselves with a love that is not looking for something in return. to genuinely care about serving the one that serves you.

    i recently missed this opportunity in a big way, and have regretted it ever since. we stopped in at McAlisters in Knoxville to get some lunch. we already get alot of stares whenever we go into a restaurant, but today seemed a little more over the top. so i already had a sarcastic attitude in my head…thinking “take a picture it will last longer.” as i went to order i told the girl that we’d all be together. and as soon as i said that she asked me if i was by myself or together. i was beginning to get frustrated. i then ordered my sandwich and said no vegetables. she said no mayo? i said no vegetables…and then proceeded to spell the word out! what a jerk!

    i couldn’t believe i had just did that. i had totally blown my chance to show this girl the love of Christ and to show that i really cared. i ate my meal with a feeling of disappointment and now i wish i could apologize. to make this right and try to remove any bad thoughts she might have now of Christianity.

    that’s my story of how i missed my chance to show someone love. don’t miss your chance.

  4. ginger Said:

    what a great challenge—i find myself getting so caught up in the busy-ness of life that i forget how impactful the small things can be.

  5. tamara cosby Said:

    This is one of my favorite things to do. Saturday evening, we went to the mall and it was INSANE! Busy weekend for a variety of reasons. We went because we needed a stride-rite store. Fast forward, we have to ask a question to the lady working at the store. She is GRUMPY. I start asking her if it’s been busy…basically start a conversation with her. She works at a SELF SERVICE store…but she stayed with us the entire time we were there and we talked and laughed the entire time. She thanked us as we left for giving her a good laugh. That made my day. It will affect you as well as the person you are talking to!!! GO SAVE THE SLOTH!!!!

  6. Debra Said:

    Great challenge. I am in. I will be updating as opportunities arise.

  7. Mel Said:

    So many times we take those people who work in service oriented jobs for granted. I know many times I’ve thought or even said out loud…It’s their job. What’s their problem?? Just because it’s someone’s “job” to serve, doesn’t give me a right to take them for granted.

    I’ll be the first to admit that I get annoyed when someone appears to be incompetent. If a server at a restaurant gets the order wrong or someone at a department store can’t answer my question…I get annoyed. I rarely stop to wonder what kind of day that person has had. What might be going on in their personal life.

    I’m thankful for the people around me who are gracious when I have a bad day. If I make a mistake in my job or with my friends, I’m thankful that they don’t rip me apart because of my incompetence. I started a new job about 3 months ago. I have had intense insecurities about my performance here and constantly wonder if I’m meeting my boss’s expectations. A couple of weeks ago, he gave me a huge compliment and it meant the world.

    We have that same ability. We have so much power to encourage and love those around us. A kind word can make someone’s week. It did for me.

    Love really is a stronger than hate (or grumpiness, or sarcasm).

  8. reaganpugh Said:

    This is solid. I’m in.

  9. Yes!
    That is a smashing challenge! Absolutely great and I want to take it on!
    You people rock my socks off. :0)

  10. Chad Said:

    I went and got my haircut today. I’ve gone to this place mulitple times in the past, and it’s usually the same lady that cuts my hair every time. Today wasn’t any different, as far as the same lady cutting my hair. Usually when I get my haircut I don’t talk. I don’t exactly know why (think it’s a lil’ weird, maybe a bit self-cconscious, like to relax, etc.) but I let her shape my mug in silence.

    Today, however, as I sat in my black pleather throne thinking about the STS challenge, I decided to put the average haircut aside and speak. I asked her about her day, how long she’d been working there, and a couple other break-the-ice questions. She had some pretty short answers. She asked me one question about myself and I began to jibber-jabber (thanks Mr. T). For some reason my answer wasn’t as short as hers. I kept jibbering…and jabbering. I realized (all too slowly) how much I can talk about myself! UGH! Suddenly I got really frustrated. Here I was trying to dig a bit deeper into this lady’s life, and I AM TALKING. I was talking about getting A’s in school or something; meanwhile, failing at having a meaningful conversation.

    I stopped myself from talking. I was completely ruining this opportunity! I paused, then began to ask her about her family and her life here in town. Soon, true conversation began to flow. After about ten more minutes she was finished cutting my hair and I was on my way. We didn’t talk about anything too deep, but I realized how easily I can get in the way. I had the right intentions, but I was dominating the conversation.

    I’m sure she enjoyed the conversation. I hope she felt like someone was interest in her life and that I appreciated her serving me. She ended up giving me free shampoo samples (who knows, she could have been giving them to everyone). Next time, I will make sure to keep the conversation focused on her and less on me.

  11. Don Said:

    Hey, I like the site. I was wondering if you would like to be hosted for free so you can drop the .wordpress part. I really like what you have on your site, and have linked you. Let me know. You can email me with the email I have provided.

  12. Jamie Said:

    Well this challenge has been on my mind all week long. As Aaron and I had dinner last night I was talking about how I’ve been tring to do this more this week. I will admit I am usually pretty good about talking to waiters and calling them by their name, but it is the moments when I am in a hurry, or thinking about lots of stuff that I forget about the people around me.

    This week I learned a little bit of information about the lady that helped me out to my car at Publix. No, I didn’t share the “gospel” with her or bring out my evangicube but I was interested in her life and what was going on.

    At dinner last night I learned a few things about my server that I would not have known had I not talked with her other than giving her my order. She has two sisters – both of their names are tatooed on her arms. Her older sister has two kids and her younger sister has the names of her older sister’s kids on her arms. Her older sister only has tatoo’s where no one can see them b/c she is “mom-ed” out. Ha Ha! that cracked me up.

    Today I talked to a friend of my neighbors and talked only about her and her life. She is goign back to her home country of JOrdan for a few months and we talked for a few minutes about that. I was genuinly interetsed in her – and not b/c I was getting anything out of it.

    So, I’m working on this. I’m working on waking up and looking around me. Looking at the faces around me.

    Thanks for this challenge.

  13. Jimmie Said:

    This is something I try to do quite often. I think it’s because I can’t stand akward silence, so I always end up having at least a breif conversation with people who are waiting on me. There’s a lady who works at the bank and she always asks about how my wedding planning is coming. On one occasion she told me her daughter was pretty ill, I told her I’d be praying for her. The next time I went in I asked about how her daughter was doing. She had gotten better and was supprised that I remembered. Now every time she waits on me, we have a chance to talk about more than my deposit and she tells me about her kids. She even broke their pictures out one day and told me all of their names.

    There are quite a few places that happens to me. I try to go to a lot of the same stores on a regular basis. I know Chris and Karen who own a local coffee shop. I know Mike who owns another store here in the boro. Laura and I have friend named Hie who waits on us at a local sushi place. Hie always gives us a hard time if it’s been too long since we’ve been in to see her. It’s been a great experience getting to know all these people.

    Just this week I went into kinko’s and started a brief conversation with the clerk. They asked how the wedding plans were coming along for Laura and I. The clerk proceeded to tell me she was getting married soon as well. That her and her fiance would be flying to Greece to have their wedding. I was interested and just asked a few more questions about their plans. I don’t know what that meant to her but she seemed excited to explain. I wasn’t trying to find out any of that stuff, but now Laura and I have something to talk to her about when we go to kinko’s.

    By no means am I the nicest guy on the planet, but I am interested in finding out how other people live life. I love getting a laugh out of that person if they are having a bad day. You never know what kind of doors caring about someone will open. It’s always worth the time, even if it’s 2 minutes.

  14. Aaron Said:

    a great 15 minute conversation with a guy working in retail. nothing super-spiritual, but hoping that as i continue in conversation he continues to sense the love of Christ.

    also, had a great conversation with the guy that bags groceries at Publix. talked about his college stuff, what he’s aiming for, etc…he seemed caught off guard that someone would care about his life.

    took a pile of crap to the dump this week. literally, NO ONE cares to talk to the guy that is in charge of pointing you to the proper drop-off location in the dump. i had a fairly meaningful conversation with him…it was more being courteous, showing respect, and not belittling him just because he is a guy that just works around trash all day.

  15. Aaron Meehan Said:

    You can count on me with this challenge.

  16. audrey Said:

    my mom is always stopping and talking to different people, and i just tugg on her sleeve and whisper under my breath that we should go. i guess that was a pretty selfish thing to do, b-cuz one person she was talking to was going through a REALLY hard time, and my mom helped, just by talking and showing her that there is someone out there that cares about her. i can see how that can help people that are going through some hard times…i’m gonna stick to it!!!

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