question today:

what keeps us from being fully alive? what keeps us from being the “light of the world?”

what are your thoughts?



  1. Scott W. Said:

    Our human nature keeps us from shining brightly. We get caught up in the things of this world: job, marriage, kids, toys (cars, videos games, etc), emotions, and others. The list is long.
    We really start to dimish the light when we keep the things God wants us to put to the forefront, on the backburner. When our marriages and our kids do not get the Godly love that He has commissioned us to give, we are getting dim. We use exccuses like busyness, activities, school, etc that keep us from shining God’s light.
    But if we can “squeeze” in the time for that baseball/softball game, why can’t we find time for God? To sit down as a family and learn what God has to say. I am also in need of improvement here, even though my girls are only 2 and 3, my wife and I need to set an example for them, and I, as the head of the house, need to set the initiative to do so.
    When we get to thinking that I can get it done by ourselves, and don’t ask for God to help lead us, we really lack the light. It is as simple as keeping our conversation open with God during the day, and keeping Him first above all else. Giving thanks for the good, asking for help with the bad. No matter how big or small, how trivial we may think it is, God handles it all for us so we don’t have to. Accepting that help everyday makes us brighter than the sun, because we have the Son.
    Ok I’m done rambling now. I hope this makes sense and helps at least on person to see things a little differently.

  2. reaganpugh Said:

    I think what keeps us from being the light of the world is our persisitent desire to figure our walk with God out. We will never do this. We are unable to. In the most recent RELEVANT magazine, Eugene Peterson is interviewed and he speaks of mystery and how weŕe afraid of it. He goes onto say those people who are afraid of mystery, who desire straight formulas on how to serve God “Prefer unthinking to thinking.”

    The beauty of our lives and how God is in them is in the ambiguity – the fact that we are hopelessly stupid people lugging our baggage towards God and towards the light. Now, we should never cease asking questions, but I think we should embrace those questions and being excited that there is a world we will never fully know and depend completely on God because he has the answers anyway. I hate to come down to the cliche of all cliches, but love God and love people. Period.

  3. josh lago Said:

    I think what keeps us from shining bright and being like god is where we do what we want to do not what the lord wants us to do. We get so caught up in everyday life that we forget about what god wants us to do. I did as i wanted before this last week with Spur 58. They did Student Life camp along with Tony Noland and with their music and Tony’s words from god we had over 100 people come to god this past week. I had to work backstage and it hit me about halfway thru the week that i was doing it my way. Spur sang the song “Always Been There” and its the truth all we have is god in the ending, we got noone to run to and nowhere else to go besides to face god. I have rededicated my life to god this past week to do it his way not mine. we all need him more than we know. “I’m starting to see that you are beautiful, and the kind of love i need”, that is a bit of one of their songs and it is so true.

  4. savethesloth Said:

    great thoughts guys. thanks for leaving your comments.

  5. Lv Said:

    It is what we do in our everyday lives that keep us from being fully awake in Christ. It is also affected by the people we hang out with and the people around us that do this to us. We all have people that do that to us but we have to resist and wake up and stop being alseep in our lives.

  6. frank Said:

    Debt. Deception. Insecurities. Fear.

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