we’re asking our community to step out of comfort zones, and begin the process of having eyes opened to people, needs, issues, and ideas. the goal is that we would be a generation that is fully awake to the things God has created us to be…and we hope these simple tasks and challenges will stretch each of us. leave comments as you engage yourself in these challenges.

Rather simple concept this week, but extremely difficult to actually do. Spend at least 30 minutes in complete solitude this week. Just you and the Father. No books and no music. Just 30 minutes of simple time in solitude. Be aware of the presence of God that surrounds you.

A good read we suggest this week to you: “Practicing the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence. Perhaps a tougher read, but expands on the idea of being aware of the presence of God in every moment. You can actually download a free copy of this book here.



  1. ellay Said:

    At the same site that offers Brother Lawrence’s “The Practice of the Presence of God” is also available, for personal use, a series of twelve little books titled “Reflections on the Practice of the Presence of God”.

    Visit the site home page at:
    for everything you need to practice His presence.

  2. ellay Said:

    At the same site that offers Brother Lawrence’s “The Practice of the Presence of God” is also available, for personal use, a series of twelve little books titled “Reflections on the Practicing God’s Presence”.

    Visit the site home page at:
    for everything you need to practice His presence.

  3. ellay Said:

    Sorry about what appears to be the same comment twice. Actually, the second comment contains the correct name of the “Reflections” series.

  4. ginny Said:

    i just think your totally awsome and i went to ridgecrest this week and i really opened my eyes to god.i wasnt distracted at all mostly the whole time i was there.i showed my real spirit when david nasser was telling us to think about all the sins we made he said that youve broken gods heart now hes breaking yours but in a good way.

  5. macauly Said:

    Omg, i just got back from the student life camp in north carolina and i learned so much more about the wonderful lord above. The lord did sooooo much in my life this past week that i plan to follow through in. The band called spur58 was INCREDABLE!!!!!! They sang their hearts out and played their hearts out to the lord and have inspired me to decide what to do here and now.

  6. reaganpugh Said:

    This is, in my opinion, the most effective way to find closeness with God. It is a discipline and a learning process, but what is great is that once journaling begins, it evolves from writing about your day and where God is inside that day to explaining how you felt when God was in it, to creating images for those feelings, to translating those images into something else…

    Before you know it, you have poetry, fiction, drawings…all singing of the glory of Christ. Why? Because i believe that creation bespeaks of its Creator, so the way for us to become most like Christ is to create…it is all worship when we let him take over.

  7. shelby Said:

    the wonderful spur 58 performed at out church camp this week at Camp Tejas. the way they lead worship was so eye opening. it makes you relize that you have been living like a sloth. and that we all need to live FOR GOD. to see the needs of ppl, what God want of me, and how i can let my light shine. this is an awesom webiste. i just wanted to say thank you.

  8. BUSH Said:

    some of my best God time is when i’m driving. the guys often make fun of me for being able to drive the van long hours WITHOUT any music on whatsoever. it is kind of odd if you think about it, but those are the times that i find my solitude. once we get in the van before or after an event everyone usually has their ipods in and the van is completely quiet. this is when i just drive without any music or noise. it’s just me, the road, the beautitul scenery, and God…and it’s awesome!

    i also have this old 1976 Ford Pickup Truck that doesn’t have a radio in it. So yet again…solitude in a vehicle. it always seems like these are the times when God speaks to me the most. when i’m driving around, taking in the sunset, and communicating with God…good times!

    where do you find your solitude…in the midst of your chaos?

  9. Matt Said:

    I have a picture of an actual sloth! In the full slothiness that God meant it to be. And as for the 30 minutes of solitude, I’ll get right to that.

    This link is courtesy of Wikipedia:

  10. Cameron Said:

    Spur58 is awesome! I just finished student life camp at South Padre Island literally an hour ago, and they are great!!

  11. audrey Said:

    well, today i came back to the middle of texas, after having a moving week with spur 58, francis chan, and also Mr. caner. i really had a great time, it was my first year to go, and i hope my youth gets to go again. just like the angels don’t want God’s followers to worship them, and they deny that they are holy enough for such a thing, i just really want to say that you guys are the best and i think that God has blessed all of you. God has blessed all of you guys because ya’ll are complete opposites by what i read in the brochure, you guys get along pretty well. both times i met you guys @ “here and now” camp, ya’ll were exceptionally nice to me, and it made me realize that you guys are humans too, and that you guys also make mistakes. i bought your cd @ camp, and i think that my favorite song is “i’m ready to love”, because when i was having the hardest time focusing because all the destractions the devil has up his sleeves, i found solitude with god during that time. i found out alot of things about God during that week, things that i never thought were even possible, but of course, with Jesus all things are possible, i just think that the majority of us christians look past that, because it’s easier for our little immortal brains to understand. by Mr. caner, i am inspired/devoted to becoming friends with the “blind” so that with God’s can open their eyes through me. i AM ready to love, i AM ready to give myself to Him, just when i AM about to fall apart. please email me back, it doesnt have to be much, but i need a little encouragement right now in my walk with Jesus.

  12. Brianna Said:

    I just got back from Student Life at Louisiana Tech University yesterday!
    I live in Arkansas.
    And, We always sat on the balcany.
    Still, Your sound and heart in the music and in God is EXCELLENT!
    I absolutley adore you guys.
    I bought a CD too!

    So, did ALL of my friends!
    I wanted a pic…but, we ran out of time.


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