1. Leigh Anne Said:

    wow. as i sit in my airconditioned room on my laptop with a kitchen full of food i had forgotten how blessed i am. that video is very powerful and reminds me that i need to be more giving than i am. i have more than enough and even though i do give some things away and do some mission work here and there, there is so much more i can be doing. thanks for posting this great video!

  2. Josh Reid Said:

    this video is true at the very least. It is powerful in so many ways. I do hope the church helps the world before ourselves. Awesome!

  3. Charles Hammonds Said:

    Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint. Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle.
    —Proverbs 23:4-5

    We live in such excess. If we could just live in restraint and do more in faith.

  4. Scottie Said:

    I’ve been reading more and more of these blog entries every day. Gen X Christians who (for some reason) think that they owe someone, anyone an apology for the blessings that God has showered us with. I’m confused. When did it become fashionable for a people who broke the bonds of oppression, followed God to a new land, and set up shop to spend their time complaining about their excess and trying their best to deny the grace that God has allowed them? Oh, yeah… Egypt, Moses, Canaan, Kings, oppression again. I forgot. This song (and the messages I am getting from many in my community of believers) is starting to irritate me. May God truly bless our brothers and sisters in Christ out there in the fight in these countries. But this is a battle of cultures. In many ways, an Earthly spiritual battle. One that I am unwilling to let non-believers set the ground rules for. As Numbers 24:9 says, …”Blessed is everyone who blesses you, And cursed is everyone who curses you.”
    Let me point out a few things from the song.

    1. My cell phone bill or a goat in Indonesia?

    I will not be sending goats to Indonesia today, tomorrow, or anytime soon until I see Indonesia allow its citizens the right to pray in Christian churches. Islam has gripped these islands of Indonesia and sending a goat without the word of God literally seems like feeding the problem.

    2. Training for 10 teachers in Afghanistan? Is she kidding? Afghanistan?!

    Again, Is she kidding? Afghanistan does not need teachers at the moment. That is like giving a burning car crash victim an ice cream sandwich. Yes, ice cream sandwiches are delicious! I LOVE them. Barring any lactose problems or the dirty trick of giving him the kind with strawberry and chocolate in it, I’m sure he would love one. However, the real issue is getting the fire out. Afghanistan is burning! Teachers are a good idea. Spreading the word of the one true God and the saving power of Jesus seems to be the issue. They are currently training fanatical Muslim extremists IN AFGHANISTAN to wage war on the people of God. They hate America, my SUV, and our way of life because it is ingrained in them that America and the “west” are the enemies. More UN trained teachers? Not now. More Christians like you and me willing to look around and notice that Starbucks, Laker tickets, and SUVs are nothing to be ashamed of and maybe I can share with all the people of the world how we came about it? Yes. I will not let other cultures that openly denounce Jesus Christ (while bemoaning the blessings of America) establish my agenda We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction. -Aesop

    3. Uganda, Ethiopia, Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, Ukraine, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Nairobi, The Sudan. Other countries named in the video. All countries that need the Lord.

    Muslim, Buddhism, and a former Soviet Republic still wiping away the sleep from its eyes after 80 years of Moscow controlled state mandated atheism. They do need “stuff”. They do need stuff that wealthy countries can give them. They DO, however NEED Jesus.

    I went to the National Center For Policy Analysis for the numbers. Pretty staggering stuff. I will not put anyone to sleep with the details but here’s a snapshot. The US gives more then any other country. That is the data. What stands out is that we give far more. The United States gave more in foreign aid by 2x over the second biggest donating country (Japan). Are these gifts bringing these people closer to the kingdom? Has it helped? By our own records, this number is under reported anyway (thanks to the local groups and churches with missions abroad). I am not ashamed of the gospel and I am not ashamed of my nice house, my love for all things college football, my big screen TV or my shiny notebook PC that this was typed on. I am really quite tired of my fellow Christians laying down and griping about their overconsumption of God’s grace while drinking overpriced coffee from Seattle.

    As a church we ARE called on to love our neighbor as ourselves. I say we go out there and do it.

    Go forth and preach impostures to the world, but give them truth to build on.
    Vision of Paradise (canto XXIX)





  6. Brewster Said:

    Why should I?

  7. Stephen Lee Said:

    This is an interesting debate. Remember, “…as Christians, we’re called to love our neighbor as ourselves.” Not “…instead of ourselves.”

    It’s easy to condemn the wealthy. Play Robin Hood. Rob the rich to give to the poor. When did that become good, anyway? I missed where wealth was bad & stealing was good. Solomon was the richest man ever, so what was he?

    We have to be careful not to condemn wealth & power in & of themselves. They are merely tools that take the attributes of those that hold them. A brick can be thrown through a window, or be used to build a hospital. The brick doesn’t care. A knife can be used to murder, or used in the hands of a surgeon to save a life. The same goes for money. The answer to the worlds poverty is not to simply give all of your wealth away. Someone once said, “The poor will always be with you”. Giving to try & eradicate all poverty is noble, but foolish. Give to help a specific situation.

    Sometimes throwing money at a bad situation is a good thing. Sometimes you’re just giving a drunk a drink. You have to give more than a passing glance at a situation to make sure you define “help” right. Pity can be a great motivator to help. But if you don’t know enough about a situation to be sure your blessing & not cursing, then give to an organization that -does- know the situation, the people, and the politics involved.

    I think the video & song serve a great purpose: to splash cold water in our faces & make sure we’re not going through life half-asleep with what resources we’ve been given. I think it fits perfectly with the mission of this this website.

    Each of us has been given a toolbelt, some tools, and the choice to use them as we see fit. What a blessing! What freedom! Letting them sit & rust would be a shame. Just how sharp & effective they become is up to us.

  8. BUSH Said:

    as i read these comments i’m excited to see that there is some kind of conversation going on within this blog. a conversation with people that have differing opinions on a certain subject, and i believe that this is healthy for us. it makes us really think and decide on what we believe and hold as conviction. it also might open our eyes to a new way of thinking…a way we’ve never thought of before.

    there are a couple of comments on here that really get me thinking, and i feel like there is a big misunderstanding of what the message of this video really is. this video is not a battle against wealth or the wealthy nor a call for ALL american christians to sell all that they own, give there money away, and live in an orphanage in Africa. some of you may be called by God to do this, and for that i commend you. although you might not be called to this kind of suffering, i do believe that we are ALL called to some sort of life of joyful suffering in Jesus’ name.
    In Luke 9:23 Jesus talks of this suffering.
    And he said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. 24 For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it. 25 For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself? 26 For whoever is ashamed of me and of my words, of him will the Son of Man be ashamed when he comes in his glory and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels. 27 But I tell you truly, there are some standing here who will not taste death until they see the kingdom of God.” (ESV)

    we are called to die to ourselves and live a life of sacrifice in a way Christ sacrificed for us. if we sit and hoard our money to pay for our comfortable lifestyles…where is the sacrifice in that?…if our big screen cost more than we gave to missions this year…i think we are missing the point. in the second greatest commandment we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. who is our neighbor? neighbor, in my opinion, is everyone that is a part of humanity. it might be hard to love someone that doesn’t look, smell, think, or act like we do. but this is a commandment that Christ says is SECOND to the greatest commandment..
    look at Mark 12:30-31 “30 And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ 31 The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”
    another example of this commandment is in john 13 Jesus gives us a new commandment…
    John 13:34-35 “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. 35 By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

    this video is intended to open our eyes to the suffering world around us. if you don’t know already…the rest of the world does not live like America does. the suffering and poverty in America looks like good living to other parts of the world. this video is intended to show you that there is something that you could do, in Jesus’ Name, to help these people. more than likely there IS something “extra” in our lives, that we could CUT out in order to meet a “NEED” in someone else’s life. for us to sit and say that i won’t send a Goat until that country allows its citizens the right to pray in Christian churches is in my opinion…missing the point. we are to meet the needs of the people around us. and through us loving and serving them they will see the Love of Christ. They will know the God that we serve by the Love that we show. doing these things will allow for us to speak into their lives…to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. if we remain asleep and rely on the Government, Unicef, North American Mission Board, or our Pastor to meet the needs of “OUR” neighbors we are in disobedience of the commandments Jesus has called us to. James 1:26-27 says this: ” 26 If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless. 27 Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.”

    where are you visiting the orphans and widows in their affliction? how are you serving and loving your neighbor? if you love yourself by buying a big screen tv…then you should take matching money and put it towards easing the afflictions of those hurting, starving, and dying. thanks for the conversation.

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  10. Maris Said:

    A small act like giving a goat to a family in another country EVEN IF they do not believe in God- is this not showing the love of God? Are we not sharing Christ by meeting these needs? Why would we ever put stipulations on someone in order to minister to them? Even if they hate us, even if they curse us are we to ignore them and not minister to them, waiting for them to come into agreence with us and THEN we can minister to them? Does that not give us all the more reason to minister to them? I agree that they need Jesus. Is this not the point of everything we are doing? I think this is just a call to get up and do something. Something, whatever it is… just do something. Just some thoughts.

  11. J Said:

    I appreciate this video and it caused me to think about the resources that God has given me and how I use them.

    I am not ashamed to have money. Now, I don’t have lots of money, but I’m not ashamed of what I do have. The question is not how much money do you have, but what do you do with the money he has given you? I would be ashamed if God blessed me with lots of money and I gave nothign away. That would be a wasted life. I would be ashamed if God blessed me with little money and gave nothing away.

    The guy above that loves college football and his big screen tv I think you missed the point of the video. I think the video was made to cause us re-evaluate what we spend our money on. There is nothing wrong with a big screen tv. Heck, I wish we had one! I think the question is more along the lines of what do you do with what you have.

    I’m trying to cut back on my drive through trips to Starbucks. Is there anything wrong with Starbucks, NO! I freaking LOVE STarbucks. BUt everytime I go it costs me about $10. You see I can’t go through without ordering the most amazing chocolate chip banana bread, and my sons always want milk too, so by the time I leave I have spent so much money on stuff we didn’t even need. Do I feel guilty as if I’ve spent money on stuff that I didn’t need when children in Haiti have nothing? Sometimes. Other times I just wished I wouldn’t have spent money foolishly when I don’t need the cake and have coffee at home. Make sense?

    I think so many times we Americans can live our very comfortable lives and never stop to think about “others” that have nothing. There are people that have very basic needs that need to be met before they need a bible. You can’t eat or drink a bible, but you can sure drink up some fresh water and some food.

    Even Jesus was meeting basic needs of people when he was here. In the gospel of John when Jesus met the woman at the well, he met her physical needs first and then was able to meet her spiritual needs.

    For us to say we won’t help someone b/c they are a different religion from us is outrageous. It is like telling someone to get your crap together before you come to church.

    I am no way saying that I think this video is the best thing ever created. I just know that it caused me to think and re-evaluate my spending and my concern for others. I love things that cause me to think.

    This is great discussion and the different views are great to see too.

  12. Josh Said:

    I found the video moving, but I also found Steel Magnolias moving. I agree that we as believers are called to to do for those without, but I do have concerns about the current emphasis in Gen X culture on this. First, what about the poor right here in the U.S.? As a nation, we send billions worldwide annually to resolve issues in other countries that exist everywhere in our own country. Second, too many Christians serve with their checkbook and never actually become the “hands of Jesus”….unless His hands just wrote checks that is. As a student pastor, we take an international mission trip every year to work in impoverished villages, orphanages, with the sick and handicapped. We found our students love to go and learn a lot from it, but really like to go because it’s international…so we require them to earn the trip by raising a portion of the money (not just have another check written), serving the impoverished right here in our city throughout the year, working in the orphanages here, etc…. Finally, a split take on some of the “mainstream” mission organizations that somehow have a stand and show a video at every Christian concert, conference, etc….I’m tired of feeling like because I don’t sponsor a child in Uganda that I am unfit to be a cutting-edge, Gen X leader. Set up your stand to promote your cause, but PLEASE give me the option to check it out or pass it by and exit the spotlight.stage left. On the other hand, I do appreciate the fact that some of these organizations are doing mission work without expecting anything (even anything spiritual) in return. We are to love and serve those who will listen to the gospel as well as those who we may never have the opportunity to share with….the church has spent way too much energy pandering mission work as the ends to the means of doing evangelism. If the opportunity to share Christ isn’t high, then the opportunity to serve is too often overlooked. Let’s remember we are called to love the needy and also called to spread the gospel….these two are not mutually exclusive not are they always mutually inclusive.

  13. BUSH Said:

    JOSH – “I agree that we as believers are called to to do for those without, but I do have concerns about the current emphasis in Gen X culture on this.”

    i’m trying to understand this comment that you have and your concerns about the current emphasis in Gen X culture on this. …but i just don’t get it. why concerns? why are we so concerned or worried that people are actually wanting to do something to make a difference. i think it’s great that this generation is noticing the rest of the world and it’s spiritual and physical depravity…unlike our parent’s generation who have spent their whole life focused on achieving the American Dream and maxing out their 401k with hope of one day retiring, buying an RV, touring this country, collecting bumper stickers and seashells…all the while ignoring the world dying around them.

    i’m glad people are wanting to believe in and be a part of a cause. i’m glad that students are deciding to sponsor a child from Compassion, World Vision, or New Missions. these are stepping stones for your students to grow deeper in their walk with Christ. who knows…since sponsoring a child in Uganda…in 15 years…these students now husbands and wives…will have a desire to ADOPT from the US, Haiti, or Uganda. what then???will we (church leaders) have our concerns that ALL of these people will want to bring a child into their family with hopes of showing them the love of Christ and offering them a chance to live this journey we call life? i hope not. i hope that the church will open it’s eyes to these needs…and meet those needs.

    concerns? i’m concerned with the fact that we are so worried and frustrated about all of the emphsasis on these issues. this reminds me too much of the Pharisees concern with the fact that Jesus healed the man on the Sabbath. instead of rejoicing in the fact that someone was healed…they were pissed that Jesus broke their rule.

    i pray that this movement continues to grow and make a difference in the world in spite of all the naysayers.

  14. savethesloth Said:

    thanks everyone for the comments. we wonder if the point of the video might be missed by some reading and watching? the point is NOT that rich people are bad. the point is NOT that if you buy Lakers tickets you are selfish. it’s not about NEVER buying a latte or a big screen tv, rather the perspective of what our “blessings” can do if they are shared with the world around us and the less fortunate. the point IS that the resources we have here in the US can do alot in the world around us. we dont think the video is stating that all of these things are wrong, but hopefully bringing awareness to the fact that we can do ALOT with the amount of money (whether big or small) that each of us have.

    also, what about this thought? one of the guys here at has purchased a goat for his sponsored child. Haiti is a corrupt country that has no interest in Christianity or the things of Christ because of the saturation of Voodoo. however, the purchase and gift of that goat will have kingdom impact in the life of that sponsored child regardless of his country’s belief system. there is value to meeting people’s physical needs as we meet their spiritual needs.

    is it possible to look into the eyes of a starving child and say, i cannot give you food, because what you REALLY need is Jesus? would the child not in turn say…”no what i REALLY need is food…my stomach hurts because i haven’t eaten in 3 days.” is it not crucial to meet this child’s physical needs (food, goats, hunger, etc) as we meet his spiritual needs?

    what if we each tried to go without food and/or water for three days? would this change our perspective any? would the desire to feed the hungry be stronger?

    last thing… some have labeled the rise in awareness to the hungry and the needy a “trendy Gen X fad.” how is it OK to be critical of anyone that has a level of awareness towards the world’s need? if it is a “fad”, is that really wrong? isn’t it about time that a “trend” was about more than clothing, music, or culture?

  15. Josh Said:

    Bush (and sloth) – the concern with the trendiness in Gen X is not at all centered in being concerned about the mission work accomplished, it is about the heart behind the work. A fad and “a level of awareness” are vastly different. When I see college students wearing Darfur shirts and question them about it and they have no idea where it is or what is going on there, they are responding to the fad…..they have no level of awareness. We are blessed as a nation and are responsible to steward our affluence and our influence well, but I don’t think this means following trends, even good ones. I’m pretty sure the life of Christ can be defined as counter-cultural (i.e. non-trendy). If the trend were to serve the needy from the overflow of a heart on fire for Christ, that would hold merit. I don’t think distant involvement because of cultural “cool” factors, regardless of how altruistic, can be deemed holy.

  16. Aaron Said:

    i am bothered at something lately. it feels like things like social justice, adoption, need awareness etc is now being labeled as a trend by cynics in the church circles. i can’t tell you how many times i’ve heard, “well it’s just really trendy right now for people to be speaking about social justice and all…” as if to be critical of the fact that people are suddenly being a bit more aware of the needs of those around us. a few have commented on on being concerned that Gen Xers are caught up in the social justice trend.

    really? critical of people getting into campaigns to end child slavery, hunger, poverty, HIV and malaria, homelessness, and child prostitution?

    sounds a bit like getting mad at Jesus for healing the sick on the Sabbath. angry that he was doing something that seemingly offended their religion, instead of seeing it as an extension of the truth and something that embellished religion…bringing life from death…bringing site from blindness…movement from staleness.

    when jamie and i were thinking/talking about adoption i heard a few times stuff to the affect of: “oh sweet, you guys are jumping on that adoption bandwagon, huh?” subtle but blatant suggestions that adoption is just a fad or a trend. another example when celebrities adopt children from other countries (madonna, angelina jolie) alot of people say they are just joining a fad or trying to get media attention… REALLY? we’re going to knock someone for bringing about change in the world? for taking an orphan without hope love or shelter and giving them a home and hope? really? we’re going to call that a fad?

    isn’t it cheap to call social justice movements or adoption a FAD?!

    EVEN IF a pimple-face middle school boy buys a t-shirt from the RED campaign because it’s the popular thing to do… is that not at least a step in the right direction for Mr. Pimple? i mean we have people moving in the direction of caring about social issues? we can’t knock them off their feet just because we think it may be rooted in being cool, popular, or trendy…

  17. darrentyler Said:

    Live simply that others might simply live.

    Jesus had a lot to say about rich people and we would all do ourselves good to go back and look at them. Jesus said it’s harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle. Not impossible mind you, but difficult.

    Try to spin them any way you choose, but in the end, those are His words and if you have a house, food to eat today, a car to drive in, you are at the top of the world heap. You are rich. Congratulations

  18. Josh Said:

    Aaron – I so strongly agree with your heart but equally disagree with your logic concerning trendiness. The core of such a view is that the end justifies the means…it doesn’t matter how or why people get on the bandwagon as long as some good music is made along the way. I believe in social justice with a passion. A few years ago, I left a pretty cush position at one of the largest churches in the United States to come and work at the church I am now at because where I was did little in this arena and where I am now is passionate about it. As a result, I make far less money, had my ordination disavowed, and threw away my upward mobility and position on the “minister career ladder”. But if we aren’t teaching people to serve from an overflow of their heart, then their actions are empty regardless of the result. That is the true heartbeat of worship after all, to respond to God moving in our lives. To serve from any other position is to worship something other than God (in this case the fad.) In Matthew 7, many of those being judged bring with them a list of things they did for Jesus and in Jesus name and His anser to them is “Depart from me for I never knew you!” This is from a passage where Jesus is talking about bearing fruit. True believers should be involved in social justice, not because it’s the cool thing to do, but because it is the fruit of their knowing Christ. Any other motivation falls short.

    Part of the confusion here is that we think we are giving in order to fix the problem….I don’t think that is why God calls us to social justice. He clearly says in Acts that He doesn’t need us to accomplish His purposes (Acts 17:25). The reason we are called to social justice is because in doing so, we are changed.

    Buying the RED shirt helps a good purpose…no doubt. But the ultimate good is for people to know God and glorify Him forever. My desire is very much to see social justice rise, but I want to see it do so on the wings of true worship and not on the trends of society.

  19. guyroberts Said:

    Josh – your comments about the “heart behind the work” concern me.
    If the work is Godly work, even if the heart behind it is all about “being cool”, couldn’t the act of giving foster a change in that heart? What a wonderful character building action it is to sponsor a child or work in a soup kitchen in the US. Character building skills that certainly could lead to a heart change in a student or adult who is “following the fad”. I believe the Lord uses certain people to do his good work not because of their level of understanding but in spite of it. Has it occurred to you that it could be a lesson in the act of giving? Who are we to question the hearts of others at any rate, that is for God to judge. God is bigger than our motives.

  20. Shawn Said:

    FYI – For any who would like to skip a few lattes so that others may have both their physical and spiritual needs provided for, here is a link to get FREE info. on how to give.

    One quick though from Mark Cahill’s book “The One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven”: how much money is one soul worth? He goes on to ask “How will we feel on Judgement Day when God asks us what we plan to do with all that money now that we are dead-and then He explains that the income He blessed us with was intended to support missionaries, by Bibles, and to help spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth? We will not feel good on that day.”

  21. Michal Said:

    I found this site today, and was moved by the video – reguardless of sound arguments given to discount the message, the video causes us to remember that life in the rest of the world is NOT as blessed as we are here. And we are blessed to be a blessing, the goal, I feel, of the ones making the video is to cause people to step outside their little sheltered world and remember those who have nothing – be it here or overseas. I pray that everyone is stirred to the point of asking God what their response should be to this message – how should you bless someone today that needs a blessing… be it a cup of coffee to a hurting friend, be it $100 to a missionary in Afganistan or be it more… we need to remember the size of the gift is not the importance but rather the sacrifice of that gift. The woman who gave 2 cents was commended by Jesus because she gave all she had – would He say that of us? do we give all we have or better yet, do we give what He directs us to? the act of obeying is more important than anything – because in His kingdom he can take the 2 cents – bless it – and feed 10,000 with it like the loaves and fishes – he only need us to give what we have, allow him to bless it and then watch what He can do… when you catch this truth – you will want to give more than you can even imagen, as you watch the miricle of multiplication…

    I challenge all who read this to try operating in His Kingdom principles – which are not bound by our natural world… and give in faith to some one in need – asking God to bless that gift like the loaves and fishes – then watch what He will do….


  22. Josh Said:

    Guy – Building character is a great thing, but it won’t get you into heaven. “If the work is Godly work, even if the heart behind it is all about “being cool”, couldn’t the act of giving foster a change in that heart” is a direct statement that the end justifies the means….this a very dangerous view in all situations.

    If Mother Teressa didn’t know Christ, then all of her social justice work and character are useless to her eternal destination; at the same time, if Hitler came to know Christ before death, his social injustice and lackof character are covered by the blood. The “emerging church” has embraced the increased spirituality of this generation (which is great), but without Christ, it doesn’t matter.

    On your other point, questioning the heart is the very purpose of ministry and being a shepherd. We are not to pass eternal judgement, be we are called to question one another’s actions and motives in numerous places in scripture.

    In case it hasn’t been noted yet, I am all for social justice. It is a cornerstone of my life and ministry. I am also a huge supporter and believer in the post-modern generations and their ability to positively revolutionize the church in numerous areas. (These two areas have been the focus of my Christian service for a decade plus.) But I am increasingly concerned that we (the emergers so to speak) are becoming impressed, influenced, motivated, and focussed on things other than the cross of Jesus Christ. Psalm 127 says “Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.” He must be central in everything we do in order for it to be holy and to be worship. If not, we are still doing good, but it holds no eternal value.

  23. darrentyler Said:

    Phil 1 : 15It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill. 16The latter do so in love, knowing that I am put here for the defense of the gospel. 17The former preach Christ out of selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing that they can stir up trouble for me while I am in chains.[c] 18But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.

  24. darrentyler Said:

    A trend is something that is a prevailing tendency. So if the prevailing tendency is to help those in need, I’m failing to see the problem with that. Jesus was one big ball of social issue solving God so being like Jesus, who was very clear on what we were to do regarding money. (ie give it away, feed the poor, sell our posessions, etc)
    I’m just failing to see the problem with artists who are intertwining their platform (fame) or music to bring social justice into being what it is… a very cool thing to do that is exactly what Jesus called us to do.

    When I get to heaven and I stand before the Bema seat, I have a sneaking suspicion that Jesus isn’t going to bring up any of my accomplishments, whether I have gold records hanging on my wall, but the energy I’m putting into feeding the orphans, the widows, those in need… that’s where the well done’s will start rolling. (some might call it the Holy Ghost High Five. not me, but some might:)

    I ‘m living for that now more than ever. I invite you to as well.

  25. guy Said:

    Josh – no one said good character or good works get you into heaven, please don’t put words in my mouth. The point of this whole issue with the video is raising awareness to what we can do as individuals for those around us. Darren’s comment of phil 1:15 was my whole point with the last comment. As Christians our focus IS totally on the cross of Christ. Doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, and loving our neighbors as ourselves should be products of a Christ centered life. I know that you completely agree with this as I read your comments. What I get from your earlier comments is that unless students have a strong walk with Christ they should not be concerned with these issues and I think that is wrong. I think these issues should be taught as part of what a relationship with Jesus Christ looks like.

  26. Tamara Cosby Said:

    One of my biggest faults is my spending. Period. It isn’t the way I talk to people, it isn’t the way I treat others…it is my spending. To be a good steward of God’s money, I will need to change my habits. This is something I desire…as I am sure my husband does. This video is so…I can’t even think of the right word…I ate lunch out today. I was THOROUGHLY tempted to eat dinner out for the convenience of it. That money could have bought food for a family…I will be rethinking my spending…as I should have been all along.

    Something we try to teach our children is to love their neighbor…at first they think it’s cute, we already love our neighbors, they are our friends…as they get a little older and can understand things a little better, we have been able to explain what a neighbor really is. This is something I want them to know without hesitation. If there is someone in need, we must take care of it…one of my favorite mottos is “See a Need, Fill a Need”. I believe we are called to do whatever is in our power to do..that leaves it WIDE OPEN…

  27. Tamara Cosby Said:

    I wrote my comments before reading any of the others…I have to make a comment a little behind the times but I am fairly concerned when someone says we are to only take care of people who are allowed to be Christians…I have always thought the way to show Christ was to live the way Christ would live…did He walk, talk, teach and preach to only the ones who already believed? His purpose was to share the Gospel…He wanted us to love Him…He wasn’t checking our wallets for a Christianity card before he spoke to us…I just think we are missing the big picture if we are waiting for someone else to bring the Gospel…why not now? Why not you? Why not me?

  28. reaganpugh Said:

    The difficult thing about this discussion is that there is no way to come to a definitive answer. God did not make us the same and did not give us the same desires, wants and hearts. Thank goodness.

    Therefore, we must stop looking at the world through our lenses. For our lenses are scratched with sin and tainted. I appreciate darrentyler a couple of comments up who threw out the same verse I would have: Phil 1:18-

    “But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.”

    Scott, Josh, Brewster and others opposed to the video – good. Good for you that you have an opinion, good for you that you are using your brain and trying to figure life out and determine how it parallels with what Christ taught. That is what this video is, that is what Spur58 and others are trying to do, move forward on the life-journey.

    What I think is a right approach is not what others might, how I relate to God is completely different from my next-door neighbor.

    So, let’s resolve to live intentionally and realize that the magnitude of Christ’s teachings is immeasurable and we would be fools to try to define the right way to allocate our money and resources.

    There is no right answer. Matthew left all that he had and Zachheus gave some of what he had, but not everything.

    God relates to us differently and we each serve and respond to him differently. Be it a YouTube video, a mission trip or keeping the Laker’s tickets, each one of us can still connect to God in a very real way. The only means through which we can find this way is to hear the small voice through which God speaks to us, discover how God constructed us individually and see how our individual talents can serve Him. If you don’t like the video, sweet, I don’t like the Lakers. But some folks like the video and that video is enabling them to come closer to God and to love others more.

    What enables you? That, I think, is worth pondering about.

  29. Christan Said:

    James 2:26- just as the body is dead without a spirit, so also faith is dead without good deeds.

    no we as christians dont owe the world anything.but as christians we should want to do deeds for all, not only the needy.this video has relaly made me start thinking about what i do and what i should be doing.i hope it inspires others the way that it has inspired me.

  30. Taylor W Said:

    Okay.. please read this. it is the Holy word of God….

    1John 3:16-18
    “This is how we have come to know love: He laid down His life for us. We should also lay down our lives for our brothers. If anyone has this world’s goods and sees his brother in need but shuts off his compassion from him– how can God’s love reside in him?”

  31. Sarah Said:

    wow. i never knew that the money i use on little things like that could be used for so much more around the world. i now know how truly and greatly i am blessed. God has given me so much more than i deserve.i need to serve in return. this video is awesome and reveals the truth about ourselves. Thanks God, for all that you’ve done.

  32. Scott W. Said:

    So after reading some of the comments here I wanted to see what response i would get to a question:
    If I do NOT send money, or go abroad, etc; but instead I pray that these people may come to know Christ, am I helping these people? I am not giving anything tangible (money, food, clothes, a helping hand), which seems to be the hot point of the discussion.

    I have my answer already, I am just curious to see what others think.

  33. Chad Said:

    Hmm. So much to say to all this. First off, Scottie, do you really think that the US is a *christian* nation? In case you havent heard, the center of christianity has left the west (maybe 10-15 years ago) and is now in Africa and Asia. This is where the movement is growing with most fervor. Josh, you may think this is heretical, but it might be possible that the end does sometimes *justify* the means. in jesus’ day, it was sinful (based on perspective) to do many of the things he did (heal on the sabbath, associate with the socially unacceptable, etc.) yet he did it because of the outcome. Could we also view the means (like following a fad or something) as a much bigger deal than god does and therefore our means do justify God’s end? I personally found the video to be quite cheesy. But then again, the message was beautiful. I’m okay with the cheesiness of the video because of the profundity of the message. Something worth considering at least. Christian, we actually DO owe the world something. We owe them a lot, actually. We owe them what is most important. Scott. I think the answer you’re looking for is yes. But. I can’t just pray for something and not actually do something about it. That seems very religious to me (something I’m not fond of). In fact, I think that if you are communicating with God about something like this (of just about anything I suppose) God would call you to action in the midst of that conversation. God’s mission is the redemption of the world (and contrary to popular religious opinion) that does not just mean getting people into heaven, but bringing heaven to the world today.

  34. […] blog dealing with the THINK OF ME video. if you want to read the comments click this link http://WWW.SAVETHESLOTH.COM and join the […]

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