(this is in response to comments left on the THINK OF ME video. please check out the video and comments. feel free to join the conversation!)

thanks everyone for the comments. we wonder if the point of the video could be missed by some reading and watching? the point is NOT that rich people are bad. the point is NOT that if you buy Lakers tickets you are selfish. it’s not about NEVER buying a latte or a big screen tv, rather the perspective of what our “blessings” can do if they are shared with the world around us and the less fortunate. the point IS that the resources we have here in the US can do alot in the world around us. we dont think the video is stating that all of these things are wrong, but hopefully bringing awareness to the fact that we can do ALOT with the amount of money (whether big or small) that each of us have.

thanks for the conversation and discussion!  good stuff!



  1. Jamie Said:

    Great response to the discussion. I think discussion about stuff is great so I’m really enjoying this.

    Something that comes to mind that many people have labeled as a “trend” these days is adoption. I myself have a child that was adopted. Did we adopt because we thought it was the newest and coolest thing to do? No, we adopted because we knew there was a need and that God had asked us to help in that need. When “celebrities” begin to adopt and we label it as a “trend” I say shame on us. Why is it that something good has to be considered a trend? Why can it not be just people “waking up” to the world around them.

    Just my two cents.

  2. Brewster Said:

    All false. ALL

  3. ginger Said:

    i would dare to say that many of our society’s flawed ways of thinking have been diverted by events that began as trends. honestly, it doesn’t matter to me if it begins as a trend or a constitutional amendment… just as long as it brings change in the hearts of people.

  4. tristan Said:

    i saw spur58 at student life camp

  5. Taylor Said:

    Ok, heres the thing.
    God is calling me to help with children in foreign countries.
    I know it.
    I just don’t know what to do.
    Sending money to fund rasiers isn’t enough.
    Any advice from anyone?
    God Bless you.

    [Spur58 yall were great at Lousiana Tech this past week]

  6. Taylor w Said:

    I was also at LA Tech an dyou guys were great.
    I loved the video and there is nothing wrong with giving even if you don’t understand at first why you are giving.

    I came to a realization over the week of camp: I make money. I get 32 bucks a week for being a youth intern, plus my summer job which is helping for college in the fall. I have close to 1000 dollars in my bank account. This money is not for me. Money is fro God to use.
    i know that i require money for college an dgas, but if I give for the reason being Christ commands me to, and if I give with genuine love for the “least of these” God will bless me.

    OKAY STROY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At camp I saw all this trash left by all of us campers (which I believe is a bad christian example to the college students there) so I went around picking it up. I threw some in the trash can and went to get some more. well, beside a discarded cup I found a wadded up 5 dollar bill… weird. anway, by SACRIFICING I believe God blessed me.
    Ministry is a sacrifice which we are all required by our LORD to give, whether the sacrifice be time, money, or possessions.

    in Christ
    t ayl or

  7. Scott W. Said:

    What is all false??
    The comments before you on this thread, or the comments on the video thread, or the video itself?
    Just curious.

  8. Reagan Said:

    All I can say bout the video is WOW. That’s amazing. I never realized that so little money could do so much. I also learned about SaveTheSloth at LATech StudentLife camp. Spur58 rocked hard that week, but what Christ is doing through them and also through the adopt a child ministry (I forgot what it’s called) rocks harder. Keep up the good work of Christ, ladies and gents.

  9. Kirk B Said:

    Hey you guys are great i saw you guys a while back at the THE STUDENT LIFE CAMP IN SOUTH PADRE AWILE BACK!!! IT ROCKED

    FOR chRIST

  10. Hey i just got back from Student life in houston and i was given encouragement through your songs and what you said about coming to worship God not you guys. The first couple of songs you played i wasnt focused on God, i was focused on aarons crazy cool movements on the piano. but after that i was able to focus and feel the awesomeness of God. Thank you guys so much for playing at student life.

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