raising a sloth

Cute Baby Sloth



  1. Tyler Boles Said:

    Hey I was at Ridge Crest’s Student Life this Year and I loved yall’s band our Fellowship Of Christain Athletes host a thing called Legacy every year and instead of just random people talking without a band this year we would like to get a band to come and play it’s held in April every year we haven’t yet set an exact date yet just that we want it to be on a Wednesday, we would love if you guys could come and play… We are in Quitman Mississippi, which I’m sure yall have never heard of but if u could just email me and i can get you more details

  2. nancy Said:

    that is me in the morning.

    thanks for this blog. i love the ideas and suggestions and encouragements.

    i hope you don’t mind me adding you to my blogroll. is a blogroll hard or soft?

  3. frank Said:

    dude. you guys never post here. so i’m calling you out.

  4. chrisbrewster Said:

    I was just looking through my blogs and found this one…


  5. fun facts Said:

    The main thing i’m enjoying while reading your blog is the way you write, you are a really charismatic person and your posts are wonderful, keep it up!

  6. No more blogs? I miss saving sloths. Love you guys!
    -Emily Muffin-

  7. Wevo Said:

    Come on guy! Post again. This has to be one of the top inspirations I’ve ever found on the web. I definitely miss it. Jump back into it, and get the community around you to help contribute. I’ll do what I can. Lets get this thing back up and running.

  8. Sean Said:

    Wow. Very inspiring and encouraging. Great suggestions.

  9. We want to link up to sloth people at http://www.slothbob.com

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