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The Numbing Effect


by Aaron Ivey, SPUR58

We are much like one that is addicted to Morphine. The medicine and life-giving Gospel of Christ has become so routine and mundane to us, it has become morphine to our souls. Our over-indulgence in spirituality has muted and stilled our response to people. In many senses, we have become spiritual addicts. We go to every available worship service, go to all the small groups, maybe even teach a Bible Study. But the Gospel was meant to be lived in AND through us…not just in us. Here’s the hang up: if we truly believe the life-giving truth of the Gospel, it cannot remain in us. It must flow from us like spring water to the needy…to the hurting…to the lonely…to those that are right around us. If the gospel stops in us, it’s not the totality of the Gospel that Jesus Christ came to fulfill. It must be lived out…it must go past our evangelism conferences, past our worship services and quiet times.

We are numb because we are addicted to being “spiritual.” And there is a difference between being spiritual and being Christ-like. Many are spiritual; few are seeking to be like Christ. Madonna, Tom Cruise, and Oprah are extremely spiritual people. But are they seeking to be like Christ? There is a difference. We must not settle for just being spiritual…the Gospel is not about being spiritual…it is about mimicking the actions and mind of Christ.

Consider this:
Ephesians 5:1 says, “Be imitators of Christ, just as dearly loved children.”

What a powerful and bold command to the church. BE AN IMITATOR. Look at Christ’s actions, his speech, and his mindset…and seek to attain that in your own life. I have two beautiful boys, Cayden and Deacon. Cayden was born in January of 2004, so he is two and a half years old. He understands what it means to be an imitator. He sees his father (me) do something, and he copies it verbatim. One of his favorite things to do is sit in front of the TV and shout, “Daddy sing! Daddy sing!” He’s demanding that Jamie put in a spur58 video so he can watch and sing along with Daddy. He goes to the toy box, grabs his little blue keyboard and microphone, and sets it up front row for the concert that’s about to take place in our living room. As he watches his dad play the piano on sing on the TV, he sits at his keyboard and mimics me to a tee. He’s got the complete package going on…head bobs, feet moving, banging away on the piano, and singing into the microphone. He doesn’t know all the entriquite details of music; he’s never been trained as a vocalist. But he sees what his father does, and he desperately wants to be just like me.

Cayden is far from being numb…he is actively living his two-year-old life. He watches videos of his father and tries to be just like him. He doesn’t have a clue of the meaning of spirituality…he just knows one thing…”I want to be like my daddy.”

My friends, we must have a genuine, authentic desire to be like our Daddy. And we must sit front row for hours at a time learning exactly how He thinks, how He talks, and how He acts. It’s the only remedy for a morphine-induced, numbing spiritual life.