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(this is in response to comments left on the THINK OF ME video. please check out the video and comments. feel free to join the conversation!)

thanks everyone for the comments. we wonder if the point of the video could be missed by some reading and watching? the point is NOT that rich people are bad. the point is NOT that if you buy Lakers tickets you are selfish. it’s not about NEVER buying a latte or a big screen tv, rather the perspective of what our “blessings” can do if they are shared with the world around us and the less fortunate. the point IS that the resources we have here in the US can do alot in the world around us. we dont think the video is stating that all of these things are wrong, but hopefully bringing awareness to the fact that we can do ALOT with the amount of money (whether big or small) that each of us have.

thanks for the conversation and discussion!  good stuff!